Lynnette's in New York

a collaborative project by Applegate, Naomi Carr, and Lynnette Sauer
mixed media (audio, video, installation, performance)
50 minutes: March 4, 2016
performed at Hello to All This, Indianapolis IN

Using video, photo, and audio documentation, we recorded conversation about creating work for the exhibition which ultimately housed Lynnette’s in New York. This documentation became the source material for a mixed-media installation and performance piece.

Each compositional element is tied directly to the original creative process, yet re-made or re-represented in some way. Conversation between three people flattens into a collage of words from one voice; ideas for metaphors mix and are made literal; formal concerns mentioned in passing become concrete issues to be addressed. The installation, audio, and performance components each nod to the space and interactions which inspired them without the use of any original artifacts.

Our conversation (and thus, the piece) involved ideas of conceptual and formal interest: feminism, collaboration, the possibility of grounded female identity, friendship over distance, color fields, abstraction as a means of communication, and learning by doing.